Chemistry (single-major)

Characterisation of the study

Bachelor programme Chemistry (single-major) is aimed at training graduates who has been thought to all the fundamental chemical disciplines in both theoretical and practical and also skill level. Graduates of this Bachelor’s degree (based on their own preferences and interests) can either go to practice or specialize themselves during a deeper study of one of the chemical fields in master degree. The content of Bachelor study programme (which is fully compatible with a similar offering in bachelor degree at other universities) offers the chance to continue their studies in a master’s degree at other universities. During a standard three-year period, a student passes lecture courses of basic chemical disciplines, accompanied by relevant seminars and laboratory practises. Successful completion of the bachelor program Chemistry (single-major) is conditional on elaboration and defence of a bachelor thesis and on demonstrating of expertise in the final state bachelor exams. This will also facilitate the transition of students both in practice and on a two-year follow-up study fields.

Character of graduate’s profile

Graduates of the Bachelor´s programme Chemistry (single-major) have a broad knowledge of all chemistry disciplines (general, inorganic, organic, analytical, physical and biochemistry), which is accompanied with courses of mathematics and physics. The theoretical knowledge is supported by compulsory laboratory trainings in order to strengthen overall knowledge of graduates. Consequently, students take advantage of the interlocking of theory and practice when working on the Bachelor´s thesis individually under the supervision of the specialist, who is usually doing research in the same field in the Chemistry Department. They use literary sources effectively and retrieve information through accessible databases and take advantage of language competences acquired during the studies.

Graduates are qualified to pursue the further study in the Master´s programme at Czech as well as at foreign universities. If graduates are not willing to continue in the Master´s programme, they are fully qualified to work in chemical laboratories of the basic and applied research, medical laboratories, pharmaceutical and food industry, in the field of production and procession, handling, selling, and disposal of chemicals in the Czech and foreign organizations.

List of related subjects
Code Department Name Credits Year Semester Range Ending
Mandatory A
OBCH1 DCH General Chemistry 14 1 WS 2+0+0 Ex
CHVYP DCH Chemistry Calculations4 1 WS 0+0+2 Cr
LBTE4 DCH Laboratory Techniques3 1 WS 0+4+0 Cr
MACH1 DCH Mathematics for Chemists 14 1 WS 1+0+2 Cr
FYPY1 DPH Physics 12 1 WS 2+0+0 Ex
OBEC2 DCH General Chemistry 24 1 SS 2+0+0 Ex
ANOC1 DCH Inorganic Chemistry 14 1 SS 2+0+0 Ex
MACH2 DCH Mathematics for Chemists 24 1 SS 1+0+2 Ex
FYPY2 DPH Physics 22 1 SS 2+0+0 Ex
PANC6 DCH Preparative Inorganic Chemistry4 1 SS 0+6+0 Cr
PRUCH DCH Industrial Chemistry4 2 WS 2+0+0 Ex
ANCH2 DCH Inorganic Chemistry 24 2 WS 2+0+0 Ex
MFYC6 DCH Methods of Physical Chemistry4 2 WS 0+6+0 Cr
FCHE1 DCH Physical Chemistry 14 2 WS 2+0+0 Ex
TOXCH DCH Toxicology4 2 WS 2+0+0 Ex
ANACH DCH Analytical Chemistry4 2 SS 2+0+0 Ex
ORGC1 DCH Organic Chemistry 14 2 SS 2+0+0 Ex
FYCH2 DCH Physical Chemistry 24 2 SS 2+0+0 Ex
POCH6 DCH Preparative Organic Chemistry4 2 SS 0+6+0 Cr
VKOCH DCH Scientific Communication in Chemistry2 2 SS 1+0+1 Cr
BOCHE DCH Biochemistry4 3 WS 2+0+0 Ex
IMACH DCH Instrumental Methods in Analytical Chemistry5 3 WS 2+0+1 Ex
MACH4 DCH Methods in Analytical Chemistry3 3 WS 0+4+0 Cr
ORCH2 DCH Organic Chemistry 24 3 WS 2+0+0 Ex
ANGC3 DCH Professional English3 3 WS 0+0+2 Ex
STPEL DCH Structure of Solid Substances5 3 WS 2+0+1 Ex
SZAFC DCH Analytical and Physical Chemistry0 3 SS 0+0+0 Sfe
BAKPR DCH Bachelor Dissertation10 3 SS 0+10+0 Cr
CBCH4 DCH Biochemistry – Practical Seminar3 3 SS 0+4+0 Cr
OBBC1 DCH Discussion of Bachelor Theses0 3 SS 0+0+0 Ftd
SZOAC DCH General and Inorganic Chemistry0 3 SS 0+0+0 Sfe
SZOBC DCH Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry0 3 SS 0+0+0 Sfe
LCIA4 DCH Practical Laboratory Work – Instrumental Analysis3 3 SS 0+4+0 Cr
Mandatory optional B
HISCH DCH History of Chemistry3 1 WS 1+0+1 Cr
UVMAX DPH Introduction to Higher Mathematics3 1 WS 1+0+2 Cr
SOBC1 DCH Seminar – General Chemistry 12 1 WS 0+0+2 Cr
FYZS1 DPH Seminar – Physics 11 1 WS 0+0+1 Cr
SOCKO DCH Social Communication3 1 WS 1+0+1 Cr
VPCHV DCH Selected Issues in Chemical Calculations2 1 WS 0+0+2 Cr
ZPDAT DCH Basic Analysis of Experimental Data2 1 SS 1+0+1 Cr
KOVPR DCH Communication in Practice3 1 SS 2+0+0 Cr
UVMA2 DPH Introduction to Higher Mathematics 22 1 SS 1+0+1 Ex
UVMA3 DPH Introduction to Higher Mathematics 32 1 SS 1+0+1 Cr
USOLI DCH Introduction to the Study of Specialist Literature2 1 SS 1+0+1 Cr
SOBC2 DCH Seminar – General Chemistry 21 1 SS 0+0+1 Cr
SANC1 DCH Seminar – Inorganic Chemistry 12 1 SS 0+0+2 Cr
FYZS2 DPH Seminar – Physics 21 1 SS 0+0+1 Cr
ZAMEC DCH General Measurements in the Chemical Laboratory2 1 LS 2+0+0 Ex
CHUNS DCH Mineral Proccesing2 2 WS/SS 1+0+1 Cr
VFCHE DCH Calculation in Physical Chemistry2 2 WS 0+0+2 Cr
ANGC1 IFL English for Specific Purposes 12 2 WS 0+2+0 Cr
IZNAM DCH Information and Knowledge Management4 2 WS 1+0+1 Cr
UVMA4 DPH Introduction to Higher Mathematics 42 2 WS 1+0+1 Cr
SANC2 DCH Seminar – Inorganic Chemistry 21 2 WS 0+0+1 Cr
SFYC1 DCH Seminar – Physical Chemistry 12 2 WS 0+0+2 Cr
SPRCH DCH Seminar – Industrial Chemistry1 2 WS 0+0+1 Cr
ANGC2 IFL English for Specific Purposes 22 2 SS 0+2+0 Cr
ITECH DCH Information and Communication Technology2 2 SS 1+0+1 Cr
SANAC DCH Seminar – Analytical Chemistry2 2 SS 0+0+2 Cr
SORC1 DCH Seminar – Organic Chemistry 12 2 SS 0+0+2 Cr
SFYC2 DCH Seminar – Physical Chemistry 21 2 SS 0+0+1 Cr
BKLPR DCH Bachelor Project8 3 WS 0+0+4 Cr
SBICH DCH Seminar – Biochemistry2 3 WS 0+0+2 Cr
SORC2 DCH Seminar – Organic Chemistry 21 3 WS 0+0+1 Cr
SEBAK DCH Seminar for Bachelor Thesis2 3 WS 0+0+2 Cr
BIORE DCH Biochemical Regulation3 3 SS 1+0+1 Ex
MAKCH DCH Macromolecular Chemistry3 3 SS 2+0+0 Ex
Optional C
NALAT DCH Narcotics2 SS 1+0+1 Cr
SZSCH DCH Compendious Bases of Secondary-School Chemistry2 1 WS 1+1+0 Cr