Chemistry (two-major)

Characterisation of the study

Chemistry is closely linked to other natural sciences (physics, biology, mathematics). Due to interdisciplinary approach chemistry enhances the possibility of accurate and comprehensive view on processes in the nature. Bachelor degree course in Chemistry (double-subject study) is designed as part of a multidisciplinary study and can be combined with similar courses at the Faculty of Science (biology, physics, geography, mathematics, computer science) and at other faculties of the University of Ostrava. It is focused on training graduates who are familiar with all fundamental chemical disciplines in theoretical, practical and skill levels. Based on own preferences and interests, graduates will able to specialize in any field of following Master degree programs.

The content of study program (fully compatible with similar bachelor degree program offered by other universities) provides the opportunity of continuation of the study in master degrees at other universities. In the standard three-year length of study students pass dual level lecture courses of basic chemical disciplines, accompanied by relevant seminars and laboratory practices. According to their future orientation, students can study other optional subjects.

Successful graduation of bachelor study program is conditioned of making and defending the thesis and passing the state exam. Bachelor program study plans for multidisciplinary studies are designed to allow three different outputs:

1. Educational focus: Graduate knows bases of two disciplines that are a preliminary stage of the two approbation subjects in a following study of teaching for primary, respectively for secondary schools.

2. Specialization focus: Graduate knows bases of two disciplines that are a preliminary stage of study in a following study of specialization.

3. Practical focus: Graduate knows the basics of the two disciplines. His excellent knowledge in working with the information, skills in information and communication technologies, including presentation and professional language skills are a prerequisite for a good career options in practice.

Character of graduate’s profile

The aim of the Chemistry bachelor study (double subject course) is to prepare university educated professionals who have an overview of the all basic chemical disciplines (general chemistry, physical chemistry, inorganic and organic chemistry, biochemistry and analytical chemistry), and who are ready to study more complex chemical, or to study teaching specialization during the master degree at the University of Ostrava and at other universities in the country. The graduate has abilities for direct entry to practice.

List of related subjects
Code Department Name Credits Year Semester Range Ending
Mandatory A
OBCH1 DCH General Chemistry 14 1 WS 2+0+0 Ex
LABT2 DCH Laboratory Equipment2 1 WS 0+2+0 Cr
OBEC2 DCH General Chemistry 24 1 SS 2+0+0 Ex
ANOC1 DCH Inorganic Chemistry 14 1 SS 2+0+0 Ex
PRAN4 DCH Preparative Inorganic Chemistry4 1 SS 0+4+0 Cr
ANCH2 DCH Inorganic Chemistry 24 2 WS 2+0+0 Ex
FCHE1 DCH Physical Chemistry 14 2 WS 2+0+0 Ex
MFCH4 DCH Methods of Physical Chemistry4 2 WS 0+4+0 Cr
ORGC1 DCH Organic Chemistry 14 2 SS 2+0+0 Ex
FYCH2 DCH Physical Chemistry 24 2 SS 2+0+0 Ex
PROC4 DCH Preparative Organic Chemistry4 2 SS 0+4+0 Cr
ZANCH DCH The Basics of Analytical Chemistry2 2 SS 1+0+1 Ex
LCACH DCH The Laboratory Practice of Analytical Chemistry2 2 SS 0+2+0 Cr
OBBC2 DCH Discussion of Bachelor Theses0 3 WS/SS 0+0+0 Ftd
SBKZK DCH Chemistry0 3 WS/SS 0+0+0 Sfe
ORCH2 DCH Organic Chemistry 24 3 WS 2+0+0 Ex
ANGC3 DCH Professional English3 3 WS 0+0+2 Ex
ZABIO DCH The Basics of Biochemistry2 3 WS 1+0+1 Ex
LCBIO DCH The Laboratory Practice of Biochemistry2 3 WS 0+2+0 Cr
Mandatory optional B
SOBC1 DCH Seminar – General Chemistry 12 1 WS 0+0+2 Cr
CHVYP DCH Chemistry Calculations4 1 WS 0+0+2 Cr
MACH1 DCH Mathematics for Chemists 14 1 WS 1+0+2 Cr
SZSCH DCH Compendious Bases of Secondary-School Chemistry2 1 WS 1+1+0 Cr
ZPDAT DCH Basic Analysis of Experimental Data2 1 SS 1+0+1 Cr
SOBC2 DCH Seminar – General Chemistry 21 1 SS 0+0+1 Cr
SANC1 DCH Seminar – Inorganic Chemistry 12 1 SS 0+0+2 Cr
USOLI DCH Introduction to the Study of Specialist Literature2 1 SS 1+0+1 Cr
MACH2 DCH Mathematics for Chemists 24 1 SS 1+0+2 Ex
ZAMEC DCH General Measurements in the Chemical Laboratory2 1 LS 2+0+0 Ex
VFCHE DCH Calculation in Physical Chemistry2 2 WS 0+0+2 Cr
SANC2 DCH Seminar – Inorganic Chemistry 21 2 WS 0+0+1 Cr
SFYC1 DCH Seminar – Physical Chemistry 12 2 WS 0+0+2 Cr
SORC1 DCH Seminar – Organic Chemistry 12 2 SS 0+0+2 Cr
SFYC2 DCH Seminar – Physical Chemistry 21 2 SS 0+0+1 Cr
KOVPR DCH Communication in Practice3 2 SS 2+0+0 Cr
SPRCH DCH Seminar – Industrial Chemistry1 3 WS 0+0+1 Cr
SORC2 DCH Seminar – Organic Chemistry 21 3 WS 0+0+1 Cr
BLKPR DCH Bachelor Project4 3 WS 0+4+0 Cr
PRUCH DCH Industrial Chemistry4 3 WS 2+0+0 Ex
BPRAC DCH Bachelor Dissertation5 3 SS 0+5+0 Cr
Optional C
NALAT DCH Narcotics2 SS 1+0+1 Cr
HISCH DCH History of Chemistry3 1 WS 1+0+1 Cr
VPCHV DCH Selected Issues in Chemical Calculations2 1 WS 0+0+2 Cr
ANGC1 IFL English for Specific Purposes 12 2 WS 0+2+0 Cr
ANGC2 IFL English for Specific Purposes 22 2 SS 0+2+0 Cr