Teaching of Chemistry for Secondary Level of Basic School and Secondary School (single-major)

Characterization of the study

The master programme is predominantly aimed at the special preparation of teachers of chemistry. The programme involves range of pedagogical and psychological disciplines and other subjects extending teacher´s qualifications in education of natural sciences. Part of chemistry branch follows-up to expert chemical knowledge and skills of student already obtained in the course of bachelor study. The programme focuses on further expert development of students as well as on their abilities to transfer chemical knowledge to understanding level of secondary school students, on ability of effective work using suitable methods and tools of didactics.

Character of graduate’s profile

Graduate is completely qualified teacher of chemistry for all types of secondary school and the 2nd stage of elementary schools. Education is based on knowledge and skills of principal chemical disciplines (general and inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry) as well as good information about laboratory techniques. Pedagogical, psychological, and didactical disciplines (especially didactics of chemistry) as well as current and continuous pedagogical practices represent the important part of the teachers study.

Graduate of the study programme is also qualified to work with dangerous substances, is able to work with information databases, is well informed about special literature and about processing of data, can effectively use information technologies, can present results of work in foreign language (English). Graduates assert themselves predominantly as an chemistry teacher at the secondary and elementary schools. However, with regard to the range of obtained skills they are able to assert themselves in other branches. Graduate is also able to study in the doctoral programmes aimed at didactics of chemistry or other similar branch.

List of related subjects
Code Department Name Credits Year Semester Range Ending
Mandatory A
EVVCH DCH Experiment in Chemistry Education4 1 WS 0+0+2 Cr
STRPL DCH Structure of Solid Substances4 1 WS 2+0+1 Ex
DIDS1 DCH Didactics of Chemistry 13 1 SS 2+1+0 Cr
PPXS1 DCH Regular Scheduled Teaching Placement 12 1 SS 0+2+0 Cr
TPSS1 DCH Techniques in Experimental Work 14 1 SS 0+4+0 Cr
OBDP1 DCH Discussion of Gradual Theses0 2 WS/SS 0+0+0 Ftd
SZZK2 DCH Chemistry with Didactics0 2 WS/SS 0+0+0 Sfe
DIDS2 DCH Didactics of Chemistry 25 2 WS 3+0+2 Ex
PPXS2 DCH Regular Scheduled Teaching Placement 22 2 WS 0+2+0 Cr
TPSS2 DCH Techniques in Experimental Work 24 2 WS 0+4+0 Cr
SPPZS DCH Full-Time Teaching Placement6 2 SS 0T+0T+3T Cr
Mandatory optional B
ANGAN DCH English for Analytical Chemists3 WS 0+0+2 Cr
SPP1 DCH Seminar – Teaching Placement 12 WS 0+0+2 Cr
NANTM DCH Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials4 WS 2+0+0 Ex
SWMOS DCH Molecular Structure Modelling Software3 WS 1+1+0 Cr
PUBVV DCH Publication of Scientific Results2 SS 0+0+2 Cr
NALAT DCH Narcotics2 SS 1+0+1 Cr
CHERO DCH Chemical and Phase Equilibria3 SS 2+0+0 Ex
PRFYZ DCH Equipment Physics4 SS 2+0+1 Ex
SPP2 DCH Seminar – Teaching Placement 22 LS 0+0+2 Cr
KOVPR DCH Communication in Practice3 1 SS 2+0+0 Cr
MPCH1 DCH Possibilities for Motivation and Popularization in Chemistry 12 1 SS 0+0+2 Cr
VPDC1 DCH Selected Problems from Didactics of Chemistry 13 1 SS 0+0+3 Cr
REPCH DCH Repetition of Chemistry4 1 SS 0+0+4 Cr
INVCH DCH The Internet and Chemistry Teaching2 2 WS 1+0+1 Cr
PRUCH DCH Industrial Chemistry4 2 WS 2+0+0 Ex
MANC4 DCH Methods of Analytical Chemistry4 2 WS 0+4+0 Cr
SPRUC DCH Seminar – Industrial Chemistry2 2 WS 0+0+1 Cr
VPDC2 DCH Selected Problems from Didactics of Chemistry 23 2 WS 0+0+3 Cr
MPCH2 DCH Possibilities for Motivation and Popularization in Chemistry 22 2 WS 0+0+2 Cr
VPDC3 DCH Selected Problems from Didactics of Chemistry 33 2 SS 0+0+3 Cr
Optional C
EHEPR DCH Energy in Heterogeneous Processes5 WS 2+0+0 Ex
OSPP1 DCH Optical Spectroscopy I4 WS 2+0+0 Ex
TEXPL DCH Texture of Solid Substances6 SS 2+1+0 Ex