Analytical Chemistry of Solid Phase

Characterization of the study

Subject of the master programme is theoretical and experimental study of analytical chemistry with a focus on methods of chemical analysis and study of solids. The field of study is based on modern analytical chemistry applied in development, production and application of new materials (e.g. composites, nanomaterials, carbonaceous materials, sorbents, catalysts). Study involves subjects amplifying theoretical knowledge on chemical equilibria, principles of analytical methods, chemometrics, structure and texture of solids and their properties. Instrumental analytical methods are aimed at study of theoretical bases and experimental skills of spectral, thermal, electrochemical, separation and microscopical methods, with connection to computers, of course. Objective of the study consists in acquisition of theoretical and practical bases of analytical chemistry, especially in the field of modern instrumental analytical methods suitable to study and analyse solids. Students will obtain practical experience with analysis of selected solids including experience with modern instruments operating (hardware, software).

Character of graduate’s profile

Graduates will be able to study in the doctoral programmes of analytical chemistry, possibly in the field of physical chemistry, material science, environmental problems). They will know theoretical and practical aspects of instrumental analytical methods and their applications in research and analysis of natural solids (sediments, soils, minerals, coal) as well as anthropogenic solids (wastes, new materials). They can assert themselves in analytical laboratories of research and industry institutions, in monitoring and testing laboratories.

List of related subjects
Code Department Name Credits Year Semester Range Ending
Mandatory A
ELACH DCH Electroanalytical Chemistry5 1 WS 2+0+1 Ex
TZACH DCH Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry5 1 WS 2+0+1 Ex
OSPP1 DCH Optical Spectroscopy I4 1 WS 2+0+0 Ex
SAM DCH Analytical Separation Methods5 1 SS 2+0+1 Ex
CHEMO DCH Chemometry4 1 SS 2+1+0 Ex
MASSS DCH Mass Spectrometry4 1 SS 2+0+0 Ex
VMCHA DCH Selected Methods of Chemical Analysis5 1 SS 0+5+0 Cr
TEXPL DCH Texture of Solid Substances6 1 SS 2+1+0 Ex
VIBSP DCH Vibrational Spectroscopy5 1 SS 2+0+1 Ex
SZTAC DCH Final exam. – Theory of Analytical Chemistry0 2 ZS/SS 0+0+0 Sfe
OBDPA DCH Discussion of Gradual Theses0 2 WS/SS 0+0+0 Ftd
SZAPL DCH Final exam. – Analytical methods0 2 WS/SS 0+0+0 Sfe
SZIAM DCH Final exam. – Instrumental Analytical Methods0 2 WS/SS 0+0+0 Sfe
SEMIP DCH Light and Electron Microscopy4 2 WS 2+0+0 Ex
LCTEX DCH Practical Laboratory Work – Texture of Solid Substances5 2 WS 0+3+0 Cr
LCRTG DCH Practical Laboratory Work – X-Ray Diffraction Methods3 2 WS 0+2+0 Cr
TAPLA DCH Thermal Analysis of Solids5 2 WS 2+1+0 Ex
RTGDS DCH X-ray Structure Analysis of Solids5 2 WS 2+0+1 Ex
ANKOL DCH Analysis of Colloidal Systems4 2 SS 2+0+0 Ex
EKAMP DCH Energetics and Calorimetry of Interface Processes5 2 SS 2+0+1 Ex
NDIPL DCH Graduation Theses6 2 SS 0+5+0 Cr
Mandatory optional B
EMSPF DCH Electroanalytical Methods for Study of Solids4 1 WS 2+0+0 Ex
ANGAN DCH English for Analytical Chemists3 1 WS 0+0+2 Cr
NANTM DCH Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials4 1 WS 2+0+0 Ex
OSPS1 DCH Seminar – Optical Spectroscopy I2 1 WS 0+0+1 Cr
STPEL DCH Structure of Solid Substances5 1 WS 2+0+1 Ex
PUBVV DCH Publication of Scientific Results2 1 SS 0+0+2 Cr
PRFYZ DCH Equipment Physics4 1 SS 2+0+1 Ex
CHERO DCH Chemical and Phase Equilibria3 1 SS 2+0+0 Ex
LCIS DCH Infrared Spectroscopy Practical2 1 SS 0+2+0 Cr
SAMPL DCH Sampling2 1 SS 1+0+0 Ex
VTMAT DCH Special Engineering Materials4 1 SS 3S+0S+0S Ex
KIKAT DCH Kinetics and Catalysis4 2 WS/SS 2+0+0 Ex
SKIKA DCH Seminar on Kinetics and Catalysis2 2 WS/SS 0+0+2 Cr
MMOSL DCH Macromolecular Organic Materials5 2 WS 2S+0S+0S Ex
SWMOS DCH Molecular Structure Modelling Software3 2 WS 1+1+0 Cr
OSPP2 DPH Optical Spectroscopy II5 2 WS 2+0+1 Ex
SEMIS DCH Seminar – Light and Electron Microscopy2 2 WS 0+0+1 Cr
AMBIC DCH Analytical Methods in Biochemistry3 2 SS 2+0+0 Ex