prof. Ing. Boleslav Taraba, CSc.

Professors, prof. Ing. Boleslav Taraba, CSc.
  • Research: oxidation and selfignition of carbonaceous materials, interaction of gases and vapors with carbonaceous substances (sorption), chemistry of coals, calorimetry
  • Teaching: Physical Chemistry, Structure of Solid Substances, Texture of Solid Substances, Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry
  • Interests: moderate movement (bicycle, cross-country skiing, "stay in the water", trips in the nature, work out), savoring the nice (fine art, stamps with works of L. da Vinci, "good" movies, "good" books), pleasures of normal life ("work" with the grandchildren), exploring new places (and people), good food (and drink)

Prof. Sonia Zulfiqar