Research groups

Group of Carbonaceous Adsorbents


  • Soft-templated porous carbonaceous materials from liquefied wood (7AMB18FR026, Václav Slovák & Julien Parmentier)
  • Floating photocatalyst with synergic adsorption function (8X17016, Jan Šubrt & Václav Slovák)
  • New trends in adsorption decontamination of water (SGS07/PřF/2019, Václav Slovák)
  • Adsorption from liquid phase (SGS07/PřF/2018, Václav Slovák)
  • Floating catalyst with synergic adsorption function (8X17016, Jan Šubrt & Vlasta Brezová Václav Slovák Jaromír Jirkovský Jovan Nedeljković)
  • Double-layer carbon adsorbents (SGS01/PřF/2017, Václav Slovák)
  • Soft-templated carbon gels (7AMB16FR050, Václav Slovák & Julien Parmentier)
  • Establishing of cooperation between University of Ostrava and University of Porto in the field of surface oxidation of carbonaceous materials (MSK VaV TO4, Roman Maršálek & Václav Slovák Gabriela Hotová)
  • Involvement of foreign employees in research of structures and molecular interactions of selected biological and chemical systems (MSK VaV TO1, Vladimír Špunda & G. Garab M. Štroch V. Karlický I. Kurasová V. Slovák J. Parmentier)


  • Hotová, G.; Slovák, V.; Zelenka, T.; Maršálek, R.; Parchaňská, A., The role of the oxygen functional groups in adsorption of copper (II) on carbon surface, Science of The Total Environment 711 (2020) 135436.
  • Zelenka, T.; Slovák, V.; Lhotka, M.; Hotová, G., Alternative determination of the skeletal density of solids using a manometric gas physisorption apparatus: A systematic and methodological study, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 290 (2019) 109641.
  • Motlochová, M.; Slovák, V.; Plizingrová, E.; Szatmary, L.; Bezdička, P.; Šubrt, J., The influence of annealing temperature on properties of TiO2 based materials as adsorbents of radionuclides, Thermochimica Acta 673 (2019) 34-39.
  • Hotová, G.; Slovák, V., Optimization of oxygen chemisorption on the carbon surface based on kinetic analysis of isothermal thermogravimetry, Thermochimica Acta 666 (2018) 82-90.
  • Bulavová, P.; Parmentier, J.; Slovák, V., Facile synthesis of soft-templated carbon monoliths with hierarchical porosity for fast adsorption from liquid media, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 272 (2018) 155-165.
  • Motlochová, M.; Slovák, V.; Pližingrová, E.; Klementová, M.; Bezdička, P.; Šubrt, J., Thermal decomposition study of nanostructured amorphous lithium, sodium and potassium metatitanates, Thermochimica Acta 670 (2018) 148-154.
  • Kinnertová, E.; Slovák, V., Kinetics of resorcinol-formaldehyde polycondensation by DSC, Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 134 (2018) 1215-1222.
  • Kinnertová, E.; Slovák, V., Influence of catalyst amount on properties of resorcinol-formaldehyde xerogels, Thermochimica Acta 660 (2018) 37–43.
  • Taraba, B.; Bulavová, P., Adsorption enthalpy of lead(II) and phenol on coals and activated carbon in the view of thermodynamic analysis and calorimetric measurements, The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics 116 (2018) 97-106.
  • Hotová, G.; Slovák, V.; Soares Olívia, S.G.P.; Figueiredo, J.L.; Pereira, M.F., Oxygen surface groups analysis of carbonaceous samples pyrolysed at low temperature, Carbon 134 (2018) 255-263.

Other Fields of Research

  • Biochemistry (Mgr. Michal Haluzík, PhD)
  • Calorimetry (prof. Ing. Boleslav Taraba, CSc.)
  • Colloid chemistry (doc. RNDr. Roman Maršálek, PhD)
  • Current Aspects of Chemistry Education (doc. PaedDr. Dana Kričfaluši, CSc., Mgr. Jana Prášilová, PhD, Mgr. Kateřina Trčková, PhD)
  • Electrochemistry (doc. Ing. Zuzana Navrátilová, CSc.)
  • Liquid chromatography (doc. RNDr. Jiří Kalina, PhD, RNDr. Martin Švidrnoch, PhD)
  • Spectral methods - FTIR, AAS (Mgr. Martin Mucha, PhD)