Rigorous examination in the field Teaching of Chemistry for Secondary Level of Basic School and Secondary School

For the graduates of the Master’s degree program in Chemistry (possibly for graduates of other but related fields of study) the department guarantees a rigorous procedure with the right to award RNDr. (Doctor of Natural Sciences). Candidate for RNDr. takes a rigorous examination of two subjects, one subject is obligatory and the other subject is chosen from the selection of optional subjects according to the focus of the rigorous work:

Subjects of rigorous examination
Obligatory subject Didactics of Chemistry
Optional subjects General Chemistry and Physical Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry
Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry

More detailed information on rigorous examinations is published here. Furthermore, the applicant submits a rigorous work, which he defends before the established commission.

Other information for rigorous management

  • Organizational-administrative measures related to rigorous management at the Faculty of Science of the Faculty of Science (download here).
  • Excerpt from the Study and Examination Regulations of University of Ostrava (download here).
  • Request for state rigorous examination / personal questionnaire (download here).
  • Rigorous Exam Application (download here).

Fees associated with rigorous control

  • The amount of the fee is set out in Annex no. 4 to the OU Statute.
  • In accordance with Annex no. 4 of the OU Statute, a fee of CZK 5,000 is set as compensation for the costs associated with the rigorous procedure (ie acceptance and assessment of the application, evaluation of the rigorous work, costs of the commission’s activity and ensuring of its own rigorous examination).
  • Other potential costs resulting from the use of faculty equipment and information technologies will be determined after the start of the rigorous procedure in accordance with the provisions of Art. 57 odst. 3 of the Study and Examination Regulations of University of Ostrava.
  • The specified fee is to be paid into the account of the ČNB Ostrava, account number 931761/0710, variable symbol 311008, the specific symbol will be communicated to the applicant individually.
  • The fee is payable only to a candidate who is granted the right to take state rigorous examination.
  • The fee is not refunded.

Information is provided by

RNDr. Kateřina Trčková, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
Faculty of Science
University of Ostrava
30. dubna 22
701 03 Ostrava
telephone: 553 46 2190
e-mail: katerina.trckova@osu.cz

Further information on rigorous management at the Faculty of Science is available here.