The following equipment is available for those who are potentially interested in these analytical methods.

Spectral methods

    spectral-methods pictogram
  • Adapter Agilent VGA77 (CV AAS) (VGA77 (CV AAS), Agilent) [detail]
  • Agilent 240Z AA atomic absorption spectrometer with graphite oven GTA120 (240Z AA , Agilent) [detail]
  • Atomic absorption spectrometer (FS240, Varian) [detail]
  • Infrared spectrometer (6700 FTIR, Nicolet) [detail]
  • UV-VIS spectrometer (Cary50, Varian) [detail]
  • UV-VIS spectrometer (Libra S22, Biochrom) [detail]
  • UV-VIS spectrometer (Cary 8454, Agilent Technologies) [detail]
  • VIS spectrometer (VIS-723G, Rayleigh) [detail]

Vernier sensors

    vernier-sensors pictogram
  • Go!Temp (Go!Temp, Vernier) [detail]
  • Infrared Temperature Sensor (Infrared Temperature Sensor, Vernier) [detail]
  • Surface Temperature Sensor (Surface Temperature Sensor, Vernier) [detail]
  • Thermocouple (Thermocouple, Vernier) [detail]

Thermoanalytical methods

    thermoanalytical-methods pictogram
  • Thermal analyser DSC (Q20, TA Instruments) [detail]
  • Thermal analyser TGA/DSC/DTA (STA 449 C, Netzsch) [detail]
  • Thermal analyser TGA/DSC/DTA/TMA (SetsysEvolution, MS QMG 700, Setaram, Pfeiffer) [detail]

Chromatography methods

    chromatography-methods pictogram
  • Gas chromatographer (Master GC, Dani) [detail]
  • Mass spectrometer (MicrOTOF-Q II, Bruker) [detail]

Calorimetric methods

    calorimetric-methods pictogram
  • Combustion calorimeter (C4000, Ika) [detail]
  • Flow calorimeter (Calvet C80, Setaram) [detail]

Methods of colloid chemistry

    colloid-chemistry-methods pictogram
  • Particle size analyzer (Mastersizer 2000, Malvern) [detail]
  • Zeta potential analyser (Zetasizer Nano ZS, Malvern) [detail]

Sorption from gas phase

    sorption-gas-phase pictogram
  • Gas physisorption device (for characterization of porous materials - surface, volume and size distribution of pores (Autosorb iQ-XR, Quantachrome + CryoSync (82-115 K) + Vapor sorption, CryoSync) [detail]
  • Surface analyser (PCTPro E&E, HY-ENERGY, Setaram) [detail]

Electrochemical methods

    electrochemical-methods pictogram
  • Elektroctrochemical analyser (EcaFlow, Istran) [detail]

Other methods

    other-methods pictogram
  • Analysator of electrophoretic gels (Alpha Imager HP, Alfa Innotech Multimate) [detail]
  • Lyophilisator (Freezone, Labconco) [detail]
  • Minispec mq20 (mq20, Bruker) [detail]