Ing. Marta Bukáčková, PhD

Assistants, Ing. Marta Bukáčková, PhD
  • Research: zeta potential, BSA, preparation of nanoparticles
  • Teaching: Laboratory Techniques
  • Interests: cycling, geocaching, playing all kinds of musical instruments

RNDr. Petra Bulavová, PhD

Assistants, RNDr. Petra Bulavová, PhD
  • Research: preparation of carbonaceous aerogels, thermoporometry, DSC technique, soft templating method
  • Teaching: Organic Chemistry, Thermal Analysis of Solids, General and Inorganic Chemistry, Medical Chemistry
  • Interests: photographing, sauna, mushrooms and berries collecting, mountain hiking, travelling

Dr. Madhav Prabhakar Chavhan, Ph.D.

Assistants, Dr. Madhav Prabhakar Chavhan, Ph.D.
  • Research: Hierarchical porous carbons for adsorption and energy storage applications, Electrode materials and fabrication techniques
  • Teaching: Process Calculations, Fuels and Combustion
  • Interests: Travelling, Reading, Movies and Web-series

Mgr. Michal Haluzík, PhD

Assistants, Mgr. Michal Haluzík, PhD
  • Research: endocrine function of adipose tissue, gastrointestinal hormones and molecular mechanisms affecting insulin sensitivity in patients with diabetes (type 2) and morbidly obese patients, ELISA, isolation of immunocompetent cells, electrophoresis of proteins and nucleic acids
  • Teaching: Biochemistry, Bioanalytical methods, Toxicology
  • Interests: sport (tennis), garden architecture and gardening, cynology (big schnauzer Ejmi)

Mgr. Gabriela Zelenková, PhD

Assistants, Mgr. Gabriela Zelenková, PhD
  • Research: preparation of carbonaceous adsorbents, thermal analysis (quantitative TG-MS, chemisorption of oxygen), surface oxidation of carbonaceous substances
  • Teaching: Thermal Analysis of Solids, Laboratory Techniques, Preparative Inorganic Chemistry, Seminar - Inorganic Chemistry
  • Interests: travelling, tourism, in-line skating

Mgr. Martin Mucha, PhD

Assistants, Mgr. Martin Mucha, PhD
  • Research: structure and usage of silicate materials, infrared spectroscopy
  • Teaching: Analytical Chemistry, Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials, Infrared Spectroscopy Practical
  • Interests: photographing, Urbex, hiking

Ing. Alžběta Parchaňská, PhD

  • Research: preparation and characterization of carbon-based adsorbents, particle size analysis, infrared spectroscopy
  • Teaching: Basics of Chemistry, General and Inorganic Chemistry, Laboratory Techniques
  • Interests: hiking, sports, reading, psychology, space and cosmonautics

Mgr. Jana Prášilová, PhD

Assistants, Mgr. Jana Prášilová, PhD
  • Research: chemistry teaching with a focus on secondary vocational school, heterogeneity and dynamics of school environment (larger numbers of students in classrooms, pressure on the introduction of modern teaching methods, etc.)
  • Teaching: Experiment in Teaching Chemistry, Teaching Placement, Selected Problems from Didactics of Chemistry
  • Interests: fire sport, tourism, preparation of summer camps for children, dancing

RNDr. Kateřina Trčková, PhD

Assistants, RNDr. Kateřina Trčková, PhD
  • Research: comprehensive exercises
  • Teaching: Techniques in Experimental Work, Motivational Elements in Chemistry Teaching
  • Interests: cooking, travelling gardening

Mgr. Tomáš Zelenka, PhD

Assistants, Mgr. Tomáš Zelenka, PhD
  • Research: characterization of porous solids by adsorption methods; interaction of carbonaceous solids with gases and liquids; transport kinetics during adsorption
  • Teaching: Practical Laboratory Work – Texture of Solid Substances, Methods of Physical Chemistry
  • Interests: travelling, mountain hiking; photography, entertainment