PhD students

Mgr. Arianit Gashi

PhD students, Mgr. Arianit Gashi
  • Research: Preparation of g-C3N4 based material and analytical characterization for environmental applications
  • Teaching: Laboratory techniques
  • Interests: fitness, football

Mgr. Ondřej Haluska

  • Research: preparation of SiC-based adsorbents, their modification with organic compounds for the selective removal of scandium, uranium from an aqueous media
  • Teaching: -
  • Interests: running, hiking, volleyball, painting, theater

Mgr. Bára Komárková

  • Research: preparation and characterization of new tin(IV) oxide materials for adsorption and photocatalytic applications, thermal analysis
  • Teaching: Thermal Analysis of Solids
  • Interests: sports, reading, animals, leisure´s time activities for children

Ing. Karolína Křenková

PhD students, Ing. Karolína Křenková
  • Research: Bioanalytical methods – ELISA, Multiplex ELISA, Electrophoresis
  • Teaching: Biochemistry – Practical Seminar
  • Interests: sport, reading, board games playing

Mgr. Arjeta Kryeziu

PhD students, Mgr. Arjeta Kryeziu
  • Research: Green preparation of carbon monoliths with hierarchical porosity from liquefied biomass wastes
  • Teaching: Thermal Analysis of Solids
  • Interests: travelling, swimming, tennis, movies, reading books