PhD students

Ing. Marta Bukáčková

PhD students, Ing. Marta Bukáčková
  • Research: zeta potential, BSA, preparation of nanoparticles
  • Teaching: Laboratory Techniques
  • Interests: cycling, geocaching, playing all kinds of musical instruments

Mgr. Lenka Endlová

  • Research: determination of qualitative parameters of oil plants by separation methods and by spectroscopy in near-infrared region (NIR)
  • Teaching: Biochemistry – Practical Seminar
  • Interests: diving, horse-riding, travelling, in-line skating

Mgr. Ondřej Haluska

  • Research: preparation of SiC-based adsorbents, their modification with organic compounds for the selective removal of scandium, uranium from an aqueous media
  • Teaching: -
  • Interests: running, hiking, volleyball, painting, theater

Ing. Karolína Křenková

PhD students, Ing. Karolína Křenková
  • Research: Bioanalytical methods – ELISA, Multiplex ELISA, Electrophoresis
  • Teaching: Biochemistry – Practical Seminar
  • Interests: sport, reading, board games playing

Mgr. Monika Motlochová

  • Research: synthesis of fotocatalytic active materials, methods of thermal analysis
  • Teaching: Thermal Analysis of Solids (laboratories)
  • Interests: travelling, ethiquette, fitness