Research groups

Group of Carbonaceous Adsorbents

The research of a group is oriented to synthesis of the new carbonaceous materials for adsorption applications in aqueous media. The basic investigated problems can be summarized as follows:
  • tailoring of the porosity of the carbon gels based on organic or cellulosic precursors (affecting the gelation process, soft-templating)
  • functionalization of carbon matrix by heteroatoms (N-doped or surface oxidized carbons for heavy metals ion adsorption, S-doped materials for mercury ion adsorption);
  • synthesis of the special carbonaceous adsorbents (photocatalytically active TiO2-doped adsorbents, adsorbents of oils or organic nonpolar solvents, antibacterial Ag-doped adsorbents);
  • determination and description of adsorption mechanisms of various adsorbates (heavy metal ions, dyes, organics) on the surface of the carbonaceous adsorbents;
  • a study of relation between the results of surface characterization techniques and adsorption properties of the carbonaceous materials.


  • doc. RNDr. Václav Slovák, PhD
  • Mgr. Eva Kinnertová
  • Mgr. Gabriela Hotová
  • Mgr. Jana Štefelová
  • Mgr. Monika Motlochová
  • Mgr. Petra Bulavová, PhD
  • Mgr. Tomáš Zelenka, PhD


  • Laboratory of Separation and Reaction Engineering - Laboratory of Catalysis and Materials (LSRE-LCM), University of Porto, Porto, Portugal
  • University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio, Finland
  • University of Upper Alsace, Mulhouse, France
  • University of Koblenz-Landau, Landau, Germany
  • The Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA), Dübendorf, Switzerland
  • Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia


  • Floating catalyst with synergic adsorption function (8X17016, Jan Šubrt & Vlasta Brezová Václav Slovák Jaromír Jirkovský Jovan Nedeljković)
  • Double-layer carbon adsorbents (SGS01/PřF/2017, Václav Slovák)
  • Soft-templated carbon gels (7AMB16FR050, Václav Slovák & Julien Parmentier)
  • Establishing of cooperation between University of Ostrava and University of Porto in the field of surface oxidation of carbonaceous materials (MSK VaV TO4, Roman Maršálek & Václav Slovák Gabriela Hotová)
  • Involvement of foreign employees in research of structures and molecular interactions of selected biological and chemical systems (MSK VaV TO1, Vladimír Špunda & G. Garab M. Štroch V. Karlický I. Kurasová V. Slovák J. Parmentier)
  • Optimalization of adsorption properties of carbon gels (SGS01/PřF/2016, Václav Slovák & Eva Kinnertová Gabriela Hotová)
  • The study of possibilities of enhancing of adsorption ability of carbon aerogels for pollutants from aqueous media (SGS15/PřF/2012, Václav Slovák)
  • Prediction of adsorption behavior of the carbonaceous materials on the basis of their textural parameters (SGS02/PřF/2013, Jana Štefelová & Tomáš Zelenka)


  • Palkovská, M.; Slovák, V.; Šubrt, J.; Boháček, J.; Havlín, J., Thermal decomposition of a peroxopolytitanic acid cryogel: TA/MS study, Thermochimica Acta 647 (2017) 1-7.
  • Štefelová, J.; Slovák, V.; Siqueira, G; Olsson, RT.; Tingaut, P.;, Zimmermann, T.; Sehaqui, H., Drying and pyrolysis of cellulose nanofibers from wood, bacteria, and algae for char application in oil absorption and dye adsorption, Acs Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 5 (2017) 2679-2692.
  • Hotová, G.; Slovák, V. , Determination of the surface oxidation degree of the carbonaceous materials by quantitative TG-MS analysis, Analytical Chemistry 89 (2017) 1710-1715.
  • Šubrt, J.; Pližingrová, E.; Palkovská, M.; Klementová, M.; Bezdička, P.; Kupčík, J.; Sovová, H., Titania aerogels with tailored nano and microstructure: comparison of lyophilization and supercritical drying, Pure and Applied Chemistry 89 (2017) 501-509.
  • Palkovská, M.; Slovák, V.; Šubrt, J.; Boháček, J.; Barbieriková, Z.; Brezová, V.; Fajgar, R., Investigation of the thermal decomposition of a new titanium dioxide material: TA/MS and EPR study, Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 125 (2016) 1071-1078.
  • Hotová, G.; Slovák, V., Quantitative TG-MS analysis of evolved gases during the thermal decomposition of carbon containing solids, Thermochimica Acta 632 (2016) 23-28.
  • Zelenka, T., Adsorption and desorption of nitrogen at 77 K on micro- and meso- porous materials: Study of transport kinetics, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 227 (2016) 202-209.
  • Veselá, P.; Slovák, V.; Zelenka, T.; Koštejn, M.; Mucha, M., The influence of pyrolytic temperature on sorption ability of carbon xerogel based on 3-aminophenol-formaldehyde polymer for Cu(II) ions and phenol, Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 121 (2016) 29-40.
  • Štefelová, J.; Slovák, V., Reproducibility of preparation of cellulose-based cryogels characterised by TG-MS, Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 119 (2015) 359-367.
  • Veselá, P.; Riikonen, J.; Nissinen, T.; Lehto, VP.; Slovák, V., Optimisation of thermoporometry measurements to evaluate mesoporous organic and carbon xero-, cryo- and aerogels, Thermochimica Acta 621 (2015) 81-89.

Other Fields of Research

  • Biochemistry (Mgr. Michal Haluzík, Ph.D., Ing. Karolína Křenková)
  • Calorimetry (prof. Ing. Boleslav Taraba, CSc.)
  • Colloid chemistry (doc. Mgr. Roman Maršálek, Ph.D., Ing. Marta Bukáčková)
  • Current Aspects of Chemistry Education (doc. PaedDr. Dana Kričfaluši, CSc., Mgr. Jana Prášilová, Ph.D., Mgr. Kateřina Trčková, Ph.D.)
  • Electrochemistry (doc. Ing. Zuzana Navrátilová, CSc., Mgr. Petr Samiec)
  • Liquid chromatography (doc. RNDr. Jiří Kalina, Ph.D., Mgr. Marek Mucha, Mgr. et Ing. Barbora Hrvolová)
  • Spectral methods - FTIR, AAS (Mgr. Martin Mucha, Ph.D., Mgr. Lenka Bláhová)