Group of Carbonaceous Adsorbents

The research of a group is oriented to synthesis of the new carbonaceous materials for adsorption applications in aqueous media. The basic investigated problems can be summarized as follows:

  • tailoring of the porosity of the carbon gels based on organic or cellulosic precursors (affecting the gelation process, soft-templating)
  • functionalization of carbon matrix by heteroatoms (N-doped or surface oxidized carbons for heavy metals ion adsorption, S-doped materials for mercury ion adsorption);
  • synthesis of the special carbonaceous adsorbents (photocatalytically active TiO2-doped adsorbents, adsorbents of oils or organic nonpolar solvents, carbonaceous floating adsorbents with photocatalytic function, antibacterial Ag-doped adsorbents);
  • determination and description of adsorption mechanisms of various adsorbates (heavy metal ions, dyes, organics) on the surface of the carbonaceous adsorbents;
  • a study of relation between the results of surface characterization techniques and adsorption properties of the carbonaceous materials.