How is our scientific future born?

Three successful students of the Faculty of Science of the University of Ostrava, who received awards at the Student Research Conference Student Research Conference 2017, were interviewed by the Czech Radio’s editor, Dagmar Misařová.


Interview with a student of the Department of Biology and Ecology of Faculty of Science, University of Ostrava Radmila Hinštová, which examines the slime of the gastropods – its scientific work is entitled Extraction of hydrophilic and hydrophobic substances from slime.



Interview with a student of Department of Chemistry of Faculty of Science Martin Brada, on his scientific research on Kinetics of Photodegradation of Medicines by UV in an Aquatic Environment.



Interview with a student of Department of Physics of Faculty of Science Denisa Kratochvílová, who studies biophysics – her scientific work is called Interaction of Rubisco and Abscisic Acid. By the way, Denisa Kratochvílová, although being a bachelor, with her unique contribution to SRC 2017 in bachelor section so much exceeded all the other contributions in the Masters section that the jury decided on her extraordinary victory in the Masters section.