Participation at thermoanalytical conference

Vaclav Slovak, Gabriela Hotova, Arjeta Kryeziu, Bara Komarkova took part on the 5th Central and Eastern European Conference on Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (CEEC-TAC5) and 14th Mediterranean Conference on Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis (Medicta2019) from 27 – 30 August 2019.

The conference aims at reporting on current relevant research developments in the Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry field and as such serves a forum for discussions and may also offer a good opportunity to start new collaborations. Sapienza University of Rome hosted the 4-day meeting with 371 participants. Sapienza University is an extraordinary place for students and teachers from around the world to meet, exchange and develop new ideas and philosophies. And it all takes place in one of the most breath-taking cities in the world.

During the conference our students and colleagues presented their work:

  • Characterization of nitrogen groups on carbon surface by TG – MS (Gabriela Hotová, lecture)
  • Optimization of carbon yield from biomass pyrolysis based on kinetic analysis (Arjeta Kryeziu, poster)
  • The effect of organic bases on thermal degradation of peroxo-titanates (Bára Komárková, poster)


The conference was good opportunity to meet new researchers in the field of Thermal Analysis, to discuss new research ideas, and to enjoy the city of Roma too.