Participation of the members of Department of Chemistry at the thermoanalytical seminar in Brno

On October 10, 2019 Václav Slovák, Arjeta Kryeziu, Gabriela Hotová and Bára Komárková participated at the 3rd Thermoanalytical seminar (TAS) at the FCH VUT in Brno.

The aim of the seminar is to meet of particular student and young scientist and to allow them to present and discuss the results of their thermoanalytical measurements. The seminar was attended by about 30 participants. During the day, 13 lectures and 13 posters and also two invited lectures (Chromčíková M. and Zobač O.) were presented.

Department of Chemistry contributed by 4 lectures to the program:

  • Komárková B.: Thermal decomposition of peroxotitanates – the effect of the coagulating agent.
  • Hotová G., Slovák V.: Characterization of the nitrogen groups on the carbonaceous surface by   TG-MS
  • Kryeziu A., Slovák V.: Optimization of carbon yield from biomass pyrolysis based on kinetic analysis.
  • Slovák V., Kinnertová E., Hotová G.: Kinetic analysis of the reactions during the preparation of carbonaceous adsorbents.

The whole event was held in a friendly spirit, so we hope we will meet with many people again in two years in Pardubice on the next Thermoanalytical seminar.